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White Week Celebration

'Milk is white and so is glue,

The clouds above and snow below.

Santa's beard Ho, Ho , Ho!'

Nature always wears the colors of spirit. White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, & virginity. So to infuse the concept of white color to the tiny toddlers LIS pre primary celebrated White Week from 21st to 23rd July for the Nursery kids. Little champs in white dresses were introduced to white color using different white objects and cutouts. White is a color that made all other colors. The atmosphere was also made with white color. Kids actively participated in the activities planned for them. Day- 1 kids had decorated a Snow Man using paper tearing. This activity was conducted with the objective of developing their fine and gross motor skills.

Day- 2 Show and Tell was organized. Kids were taken to the kitchen. They sorted white items and talked about it which develops their speaking skills and confidence.

Day- 3 an owl was made using salt painting. Teachers encouraged the kids to run their hands over their painting and tell how they feel…… they were amazed at how bumpy and interactive their picture has become. Even they tried to trace the owl with their figure to extend the sensory process.

They enjoyed their activity and performed enthusiastically.

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