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"World Autism Awareness Day Celebration"

"World Autism Awareness Day Celebration"

Autism is not a disability; it is a different ability.

2nd April is celebrated as ‘World Autism Awareness Day’. Each year, Autism organizations around the world celebrate this day to spread awareness and acceptance of individuals with Autism.

LIS also organized orientation for the educators from preprimary to sr. secondary to promote their knowledge regarding autism, so as to allow for early diagnoses and appropriate measures that can be taken to cater to the needs of autistic children.

Ms. Anupama Gour, Special Educator at LIS, was the speaker and conductor of the workshop. The workshop began with welcome note post which the speaker elucidated the educators with early signs, patterns of behaviour of autistic children. She also highlighted the classroom strategies and demonstrated best practices that can prove effective to improve the learning environment for students with autism. Ms. Bhamini Dattani, Psychology educator at LIS, presented a beautiful self-composed poem on Autism titled 'From a Loner to an Achiever . Ms. Mistiksha, educator at LIS, shared her experience and journey of being a parent of a special child. Everyone was overwhelmed and was motivated with the same.

The session was wrapped up by inviting principal sir for a feedback. In his speech he appreciated Ms. Anupama Gour for the initiative she took to help spread Autism awareness and Ms. Bhamini Dattani for the beautiful poem presentation. All the educators participated enthusiastically and proactively in the workshop and were benefited with the knowledge and experience shared during the orientation.

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