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World Cancer Day - 2022

Cancer Awareness Programme

'Cancer, a building threat to life'

"World Cancer day"

4 February,2022

On the World Cancer Day Laxmi International school organised a seminar on 4th February,2021 at Dhwani auditorium.

The attendees of the seminar were students and educators of classes X-XII

The aim of the programme was to create awareness about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. Dr Pooja Shah, LIS Aluminae, MBBS student and educational consultant, was invited as the resource person for the seminar.

Dr.Pooja Shah pointed out how some infections can cause cancer. An informational video was also played to make participants aware about the myths and misconceptions of cancer.

Ms.krithika N student of class XII science presented on the topic Cancer, a dreadful disease, She beautifully covered on various types of cancer,their causes and preventive measures and treatment.

Attendees found the session very effective and motivating. The programme was coordinated by Ms. Kamlesh Mehra, Ms Neha Sharma, Ms Bhamini dattani and Mr.khemchand Vishvakarma.

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