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World Earth Day

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Earth day- which is on April 22, 2022—has come a long way since its beginnings in 1970!

The celebration of Earth Day has spread globally with almost every country in the world now hosting environmentally-focused events, since Earth Day is all about celebrating our beautiful planet and learning ways to be active in taking care of it.

The day started with a beautiful message where students were reminded of 5 actions towards safe earth. The whole school, took part in this endeavor and initiative. Each one of them took a pledge to save Mother Earth by doing simple doable actions. Our continuing effort in our daily life will make this beautiful planet thrive.

Nursery kids were encouraged to spend time picking up litter around their school and play area. Educators along with kids took part in planting trees so that we can help with soil erosion and contribute to dealing with carbon emissions, and give the next generation a greener future.

JR KG kids got a chance to explore the outdoors; they were become curious about what they find. From trees to flowers and even insects, kids were inspired to learn more about the world around them. Only learning is not sufficient they need to take care of the living things on earth. They made a bird feeder using grains which will attract the birds.

We can help reduce pollution just by reducing recycling and reusing. SR KG kids had segregated the wastes and put in the recycling bin and the waste what we need to discard.

The events rekindled emotive concerns and instigated the youngsters to save, love and respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul.

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