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World Health Day

"Health is the greatest wealth" ...

World Health Day was celebrated in the School wherein students were sensitized to remain healthy by eating nutritious food, fruits and vegetables. They were made aware about the importance of physical exercises like Yoga, Zumba Dancing and Aerobics to remain fit & active. They also recited rhymes, conveying the message of healthy eating habits and the correct way of brushing teeth.

A talk on the topic 'Healthy Mind Dwells in a Healthy Body' shed light on the importance of healthy eating habits, adequate rest and hygiene was explained. Students learnt about common health problems, with an emphasis on good eating habits and the importance of sports & exercise in our daily lives. Students also pledged to keep their mind and bodies healthy.

There were several activities which were pursued in the class to reiterate the importance of healthy eating habits. School Principal, also apprised the students about following a healthy lifestyle.

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