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World Heritage Day

'Monuments are our country's ornaments'

Every year we celebrate International Day for Monuments and Sites, often referred as World Heritage Day on April 18, and this day stands as a significant importance due to the treasure of heritage that India, as a country possesses. India is a rich country when it comes to culture, Tradition and Heritage and it is proud to be a part of this treasure.

This Heritage Day we need some more efforts than just to be proud of our glorious past. Being citizens, it demands us to be more aware of our monuments and sites; it asks us to help in their preservation and understand the history behind them.

Our educator Ms Rozina used story telling as a medium to take kids on a magical trip. The kids then recreated India on paper.

There is a fun way to enable way to express their love for the treasured heritage and culture. A quiz was held for the pre primary kids related to theme “Heritage and Culture of India”. Coloring activity was conducted for JR Kg kids.

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