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World Heritage Day

Each year 18 April is celebrated as world heritage day. The day is designated by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) to celebrate human heritage at the same time to raise awareness about the need for preserving World Heritage.

The theme for World Heritage Day 2023 is “Heritage Changes”. As proposed by ICOMOS, this theme presents an opportunity to explore traditional ways of knowing and knowledge systems in the context of climate action.

Laxmi International School, Pre primary celebrated World Heritage Day to raise awareness among students about preserving our heritage sites and also the efforts required to conserve and draw attention towards it.

A special assembly was conducted on 18th April, 2023 at LIS, Sarigam to raise awareness about the true meaning of heritage, its importance and the need of its preservation. Keeping the theme in mind for this year, a PPT presentation was made by teachers highlighting our Natural Heritage, Built Heritage and Living Heritage and the history of our ancient buildings. The objective behind conducting this special assembly was to enlighten students about the value and significance the world’s heritage holds. Children were familiarized with the rich cultural heritage we have.

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