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World Hindi Day

· हिंदी सिर्फ हमारी भाषा नहीं, हमारी पहचान भी है। ...

The Hindi language acquired its name from the Persian term ‘Hind’ which means ‘the land of Indus’. The language is spoken in India, Trinidad, Nepal, Guyana, Mauritius, and various other countries.

World Hindi Day or Vishwa Hindi Divas is celebrated every year on January 10 to mark the first World Hindi Conference that was held in 1975. It is celebrated across the world to promote the use of the Hindi language. The first World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur on January 10 in 1975.

A special assembly was held in the school premises. The school buzzed with multitude of activities throughout the day. By reciting the couplets of Hindi rhymes in beautiful costume the student-teachers spread the message that Hindi language is the soul of our cultural heritage. Activity corners were set up like snakes and ladder, fun games related to swar and vyanjan, picture reading and many more for refining of the language and generating love towards our National Language.

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